About Dr. G. Lee Southard, PhD

A native Virginian and a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, Lee also has an M.S from George Washington University and Ph. D. in chemistry from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. His career consisted of 40 years in the research and development of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products including the positions of Board Chairman, CEO and Chief Science Officer. He has over 40 publications and patents and contributed to the development of 10 marketed therapeutic products.

In a dual career he was an artillery, chemical and military intelligence officer that included two commands over his 26 years in the active and reserve US Army retiring as a Colonel. Lee and his wife, Marilyn, of 51 years had four boys and six grandchildren. He is remarried to Nancy and they reside in Fort Myers, FL.

He gave his life to Christ at age 10. For years he has been researching and developing narratives on how the evidences from the sciences and history converge with the truth of the Bible. He believes that a better intellectual understanding of the evidences is critical to a better understanding of the sovereignty of God. His goal is to assist students and adults alike to be able to defend and contend for their faith in a culture that increasingly sees them as irrelevant. The Church and the Nation are in critical need of a revival in this area if they are to flourish in the future.