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To Know With Certainty

This book prepares the reader to:

1. Know the evidence for the existence of God and how God speaks and how to speak back; 

2. Know the evidence for Jesus as an historical person, His death and resurrection. 

3. Know the evidence for the authenticity and reliability of the Bible. 

4. Know the historical evidence for the role that the church played in Western Civilization and in the making of America.
5. Know the evidence supporting naturalism and the Theory of Evolution versus the cosmological and scientific evidence that supports God as creator of the heavens and the earth and as the creator of man. 

6. Know God’ precreation plan and purpose. 

7. Know that in any circumstance, armed with this evidence, you can confidently be an effective witness for a sovereign God and Jesus Christ and help change the world.

The Battle We Must Not Lose

The Battle We Must Not Lose: A Call to Save Our Youth and Restore America as One Nation Under God pulls no punches. The book decisively demonstrates that the source of diminishing Christianity in America is directly the result of losing church youth to the faith.

Noting that Christianity will be a minority faith in America by 2039, being replaced by the religiously unaffiliated, the book offers valuable suggestions for parents and the church that need be implemented now on an urgent basis to retain our youth. The Battle We Must Not Lose is an essential tool for parents, pastors and youth leaders concerned about the future Christian church and America enough to fight for it.


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Why Know With Certainty?

Apologetics; Science and Faith

How you live today, your worldview, and where you will spend eternity.

Does God Exist?

Apologetics; Science and Faith

Six lessons regarding the scientific evidence for the existence of God.

The Transcendent Nature of God

Apologetics; God

Three short lessons that extend the evidence of God into the realm of transcendency.

Is the Bible True?

Apologetics; Bible

It’s essential that one really know with certainty that the Bible is true.

Does Jesus Exist?

Apologetics; Bible

Knowing the truth will fundamentally dictate how you live today, your worldview, and where you will spend eternity.

Purpose Statement

For years Christians have been on the losing side of a battle that must not be lost. That battle is for the loss of youth from the Christian church in America that is having dire consequences for the church and America.

The mission of Know with Certainty is to lead in the reversal of that trend by preparing Christian youth and parents to become disciples of Christ who can confidently defend and contend for their faith in any setting.

The goal is to retain more students in the Christian faith who will grow confidently into adulthood knowing with certainty the reality of God and his son Jesus Christ.

Know with Certainty is in the front line of this battle in two ways. First, we advocate for churches to make youth ministry a top priority of the church and make this battle their battle to reverse the loss of youth. Second, we advocate for a revival and a revision of Christian education in the church and in the home that focuses on making knowledgeable and confident disciples for Christ.

In action is not an option given the fact that Christianity in America is becoming less recognizable and influencing and Christians will become a minority religion by mid-century.

The book To Know with Certainty was the result of 30 years of research. It’s purpose is to assuage doubt and build a confident faith based on evidence from the Bible, the sciences and history. It’s content is a significant part of a new focus of Christian education to make disciples.

The Battle We Must Not Lose is a clarion call to the church and parents to become the frontline contenders they were called to be in the faith development of children. It presents the pending consequences of continued inaction and the necessary steps and actions to win this battle for our youth.