The goal of the KWC posts is to inform you so as to accept, contend for and defend the Christian faith.

Does God Exist?

Does God Exist? “Is there a God?” is one of the most fundamental questions we humans ask ourselves. Every person that has ever lived regardless

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Precreation A lot has been written on creation. Not much attention is paid to precreation but it was in precreation that all that was necessary

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Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design You know when you see the Panama Canal that it was not created by chance. It was the result of intelligent design and

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Recommended Resources I found these resources—print, online, and video—particularly helpful and commend them to you for further study. They are organized by Subject to help

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Did Jesus Really Live?

Did Jesus Really Live? This is a fair and important question for seekers and Christians alike. It is important to seekers because one believes in

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Did Jesus Suffer?

Did Jesus Suffer? Yes Jesus suffered! He suffered unimaginably and it is important that we understand the extent of his suffering before and the cross

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