Reason for the Course

Jesus gave his disciples a command in Mathew. With their transformation into the likeness of Christ, they obeyed. Their obedience changed the world forever. If not for them, we would not be here as believers.

Jesus made an important statement about his disciples that applies to us as disciples today. In his prayer to God, “Now they know with certainty that all things you have given me are from you”. (John 17:7) Elsewhere Luke said he wrote so others would know with certainty of the Gospel (Luke 1:4). Jesus’ disciples knew with certainty because they were eyewitnesses to the evidence.

Do you know with certainty the evidence that all things come from God, that his Grace makes it possible for you to have eternal life because Jesus died for your sins? Do you know the evidence that the Bible is true, that science provides the most tangible evidence for God and supports the scriptures? Do you know the evidence that supports the supernatural nature of God and his sovereignty overall?

If you do, your ability as an evangelist to those who do not know or choose not to know Jesus as Savior is greatly enhanced. You cannot be an eye witness as His disciples, but you can have the same certainty by examining the evidence for all the questions, uncertainties, and doubts you and others may have.

The To Know with Certainty course consists of a PowerPoint and a Transcript that you can easily download for self-study, home school, or a Sunday School class. I have used it with teens and adults.

You know the scripture that says to “Love the Lord with all of your strength, heart, soul, and mind”. This course addresses an often neglected element, the mind. 

The Modules