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Module One: Why Know With Certainty?


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On two occasions, Christ commanded his disciples to go into the world and make disciples (Mathew 28 18-20 and Acts 1:8). Discipleship is at the heart of a healthy Christian faith and church. Sadly, the Christian church in America has been failing to create new disciples for the past 50 years. We must act now to return to discipleship-making and stop this loss to restore the Christian faith in the minds of Americans as their only hope.

Not knowing with certainty has become a significant problem among American Christians. It is a problem of national security proportions because the influence of the Christian church on our nation continues to decrease, which will ultimately hasten the destruction of America.

At the core of this problem is doubt and unbelief. The result is the loss of young people to the church and the Christian faith. This loss contributes directly to the decrease of Christians in America to the extent that Christianity will be a minority religion in America by 2039. It is time to draw the line and engage in this battle to win.

To Know with Certainty is an evidence-based course for the Christian faith. The course goal is to help you be a better witness for Christ by strengthening and adding confidence to your faith so you will help others with the evidence to become disciples of Jesus. The course will help alleviate doubt and questions about the faith.

This course is for High School Juniors and Seniors, young adults, parents, and adults. It has three lessons that can be taught over a suggested 2 hours.

Module 1 is titled, Why Know with Certainty? It is fundamental to how you live today, your worldview, and where you will spend eternity. It is essential to effective discipleship. Be ready to provide a reason for our faith (1 Peter 3:15). Module 1 is fact-filled and presents data based on years of research to support its conclusions.

Get ready to satisfy your doubts and win arguments about your faith. Module 1 is the first step.


Lesson 1 Understanding the Problem

The magnitude of the Problem


Disturbing Trends

Lesson 2 Doubt and Unbelief

A Crisis Among Youth and Adults

Contributing Factors

Lesson 3 Key Questions Requiring Answers