Frequently Asked Questions

Why was To Know With Certainty Written?

As much as anytime in history parents of Christian high school graduates have less certainty about the future for their children. To Know With Certainty was written because of this concern that extends to the direction of our country and the Christian faith. I believe the direction of our country is directly linked to the trend and status of the Christian faith in America.

Reliable surveys suggest that for decades there has been about a 70% loss of Evangelical Christian youth to the church following graduation from high school. Over time this loss translates into a permanent loss of about 30% from the faith. Other surveys show a decline in church attendance and knowledge, understanding and acceptance of faith fundamentals dating from the time of Jesus. Graduates site the reason for opting out is a failure in not having had their most important questions addressed. In other words, a missed opportunity has been taking place for decades. The opportunity for addressing this crisis is while students are in the church and the home. Student questions should be addressed on an intellectual and faith basis so as they enter post high school life Knowing With Certainty where they stand in their beliefs.

To Know With Certainty cites scientific, historical and theological resources to provide need-to-know information and evidence for graduates and parents to strengthen their faith on an intellectual basis. Among the topics for which evidence is provided is the existence of God as sovereign creator of the universe, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, the reliability and authenticity of the Bible, the origin of man and the weaknesses of the Theory of Evolution. In the understanding, the evidence of these fundamentals the graduate is equipped to not only defend but to contend for the faith on an intellectual basis in any setting including adversarial ones like the college campus and classroom. In addition, the graduate can be a more effective witness to non-believing seekers who require facts and data to support belief.