Christian youth are faced with unprecedented challenges to their faith. These challenges contribute to increased doubt and hinder doubt resolution. There are consequences as doubt easily progresses to unbelief.

It is a fact that about 60 % of Christian youth are being lost to the Christian faith annually equating to about 1.3 million youth. When they are asked why they left the faith 62% will say because of the unbelief they now experience an affirmation that one cannot believe in that which they do not know.

Doubt is okay as long as it can be resolved. Doubt resolution can even make a stronger faith.

My book To Know with Certainty was written for that purpose. It provides spiritual and intellectual evidence that addresses the major doubts that lead to unbelief. Understand the evidences and you will have the confidence in your faith to defend and contend for it in any circumstance and against anyone including the college classroom.

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