Our Posts

The goal of the TKWC posts is to inform you so as to accept, contend for and defend the Christian faith.


Resources are essential in order to know with certainty. This list will aid you in this quest.

The Course

We offer a course to help you intellectually defend and contend for your faith. 

Purpose Statement To Know With Certainty exists to prepare young people and their parents to confidently defend and contend for their faith based on evidence, knowledge and understanding from scripture, history and science. TKWC is also dedicated to retaining young people in the church and the christian faith. Retention requires a coordinated focus on kids and their parents through relationship building and Christian Education that has a spiritual and intellectual focus. Christian Education is specifically designed to address the key questions of youth and adults with the goal of replacing doubt with certainty and irresponsibility with commitment. The founding of To Know With Certainty was literally 30 years in the making after many years of research and coincided with the publication of the book To Know With Certainty in 2017. The book’s focus is on the essential information from the Bible, science and history that will enable the reader to best understand that there is the God of the Bible. He created and maintains the world for us to be found holy and blameless in his sight and spend eternity with him. However, the church and the nation are in peril due to dereliction of duty on the part of the church and parents in two areas: The first is that we must stem the tide of seriously uneducated and unprepared youth in the faith upon high school graduation. Secondly we must retain young people and their parents in the church and its Christian education programs. Because of the waning influence of the Christian faith in America due to the above two factors, the United States of America is sliding toward a country we will not recognize in 50 years. It is time to act!