Jesus Is Not a Mitigator

There is a 100% chance that we will die. The only question is when. We can do a lot to mitigate the timing of death, but we will someday die. Guaranteed!

These days we go through a lot of effort to mitigate the chance of death due to the infection of the COVID-19 virus but just what are our chances of infection and dying from this virus? Government data indicates that the chance of being infected with the COVID-19 virus is about 0.23%, approximately the same as having a heart attack or stroke (0.43%). The chance of Americans dying from COVID-19 is 0.01% and 0.18% from heart disease. The chances of dying increase if one gets infected rising to 5.3% but still far from the 22.5% on average who will die within a year of having a heart attack or stroke. The risk is low because of mitigation.

However, consider what we do or not do concerning, not a death, but a life that is 100 % guaranteed, unaffected by time, cannot be mitigated and is achievable only upon death. This eternal life is based on the death of Jesus and his subsequent resurrection from the dead as an atonement for our sin.

In love, God, the sovereign creator of the universe and life itself, planned for our salvation before the creation of the world. It was for one purpose, the guaranteeing of eternal life with Him after the physical death of anyone who chooses to believe in Jesus as their Savior. There is no mitigation here, rather elimination. Jesus eliminated eternal death through God’s act of love for the world.

Your decision has a flip side as well. If you choose not to believe that Jesus died for your sins there is a 100% chance eternity will be spent in a place called hell. Your job is to assure that the 100% chance of dying results in a 100% chance of eternal life

This is an all or nothing decision and it is yours alone. It cannot be mitigated. It is literally “do or die”. If you need help with this decision you should carefully evaluate the abundant Biblical, historical, scientific and behavioral evidence supporting that Jesus died for your sins.

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